Art of Creating the Database


Hi everyone,

How many times have you faced the problem while making cold calls over the phone.  Let me guess, numerous times. At-least I faced this problem during the initial days of my career. Many a times it happens, as soon as we introduce our-self, the person on the other side of the phone disconnects the call. And frankly speaking even you will do that when you get any sales call and the product, sales man is pitching is of no interest to you. As a SALES GUY  don’t  get demotivated and in many cases this prevents us from calling resulting in downfall of our sales career.

Before you start calling your prospects, few points you need to keep in mind:

1) Have a clear understanding of your product, just knowing its advantages doesn’t help, understand its drawbacks also because it will help you answer all the doubts and queries of the prospect. JUST HAVING A PREMIUM PRODUCT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL DO GOOD IN THE MARKET.

2) Understand the target market (selling a premium bus to a school will not be a good idea, they might just want a basic bus to transport their students, just because its a school and it will need buses you go and pitch a product you have. So analyse their requirement and position your product accordingly)

3) So now when you have a clear picture of your product as well as the target market start collecting the data for your calls. Don’t just collect all the data you come across, refine your data ( all the schools might not need buses, so while collecting data for the schools, consider the infrastructure of the school, number of students in the school, you can easily get this information on the website of the school). Most of us do not refine our data and randomly collect it, this is the major mistake we do while preparing our database.

4) The database which you created using above points will surely help you when you make a cold call, as now you have already filtered the prospects based on few parameters. And trust me, the response you will get now when you make calls to your prospects would be at-least 70% to 80% better than what you were getting before.

    Abraham Lincoln suggested that 60% of the time budget for chopping down a tree should be spent  sharpening it.

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