Cold Calling


Cold Calling is one of the most important and challenging exercise in sales. It is not always easy to convince your prospect over the phone and ask for the meeting. So, it is the first step in your sales cycle and the crucial one too. Do not take it too lightly because it will determine your chances of meeting the prospect and explain him about the product or the service offerings. Neither you can explain the benefits of the product over the phone nor can you understand the requirement of your prospect.

Following points should be kept in mind before making a cold call:

1)  As soon as the prospect receives the call, greet him/her with a smile, do not just start with your company details and the product features.

2) Keep your company introduction brief ( I am calling from xyz company and we are into abc product/services) . This introduction would be enough for the prospect to judge what exactly you want to sell him/her.

3) You can judge his interest level by his/her response after you have introduced your company/offerings. So the next step after his/her positive response is to ask for the meeting rather than explaining everything over the phone. As this might confuse the prospect rather than convincing. (It would be great if we can meet sometime this week as this would give me an opportunity to explain you better and understand your requirement).

4) Once the prospect has given you the appointment for the meeting, send him a mail with meeting invitation, so that his calender for the respective date is engaged and he keeps that slot of the day for you. This also reflects your professionalism.

5) On the contrary if prospect does not show much interest and tells you to call after one week. Ask for the day and time when you can call him, and make a note of it. Do not forget to call him on the day and time mentioned by him ( might be the day you called he/she is caught with some other work and wants you to call when he can discuss with you). Do not judge if the prospect has told you to call some other day, he/she is not interested, most of us do this mistake. Never judge your prospects in just one call.

6) If a prospect tells you to call after some time and even after sometime he does not take your call, Do Not Keep Calling Him. This might irritate him/her and you might loose a potential customer. You may try after couple of days.

   Cold Call

(Business / Marketing) a call made by a salesman on a potential customer without making an appointment

A telephone call or visit made to someone who is not known or not expecting contact, often in order to sell something.

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2 Responses to Cold Calling

  1. Very good jotting of the do’s and don’ts for a cold call.

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