Sales As a Career


I want to be a doctor!! I want to be an engineer!! I want to be a pilot!! etc etc. as a kid everyone of us think of these professions as a career but none of us ever imagined that we might end up doing sales when we graduate. And trust me most of us do not want to get into sales. The reason being, sales does not provide you with an air conditioned office to sit for the entire day , it demands you to be on field, the targets are pretty high and you always have to be on your toes.If you are joining in sales just because there was no other option and you are taking up sales as a job and not as a career. DO NOT GET INTO SALES. 

Sales require your passion and 100% focus. It is not a cup of tea for everyone. It is challenging and trust me REWARD ARE HIGH. Taking up sales just because you do not have any other job will not fetch you anything. Getting into sales might be easy but performing in the sales would not be a cake walk till you are really love your work. Hence most of us under perform and as a result are chucked out of the company. “The targets were really high, the product is not good, the pricing is not good, the company does not have a clear strategy, competitors are selling at much lower price”  these are few excuses which we give to ourselves and to our friends. As a result SALES AS A PROFESSION  gets the blame. But the truth is we never put our 100% to this job, we were never focused and moreover all these while we were looking for some other job ( I am just working for experience, who wants to do sales, will quit as soon as I get some decent office job). Just imagine with this attitude, will you even be able to perform?  THE ANSWER IS NO, blame yourself not the profession.

Sales is the only profession where you can earn much more than your basic salary, that is only possible if you are determined to do sales and are really really really passionate about it. Your numbers speaks your performance. And trust me sales can be really rewarding. Sales allows you to meet new people. In this industry, you get to meet all kinds of people in different levels in society. It is also a great career choice for people who love to travel.

Day by day, what you do is who you become.
– Heraclitus

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4 Responses to Sales As a Career

  1. Sush says:

    Appreciate your step taken to really express the realization that sales and business is one career that one can cherish provided the zeal is there. Any profession requires that passion and commitment. And we being in sales cant do it unless we breathe it and it surely rewarding too.

    Apart from all the important points you have covered, can I be a good critic and let you know that some writing styles may be improved and the points can go well in a flow. Also you could consider pasting useful links, readings or so on.
    I hate to preach as I feel its hard to practice. However, you seem to be a professional in sales. That is your plus point. Only little style of writing is going to uplift your write up in better way. Incidentally am also a business professional loving the job and also write!

    Good Luck. Please email me for any help required. Waiting for more of such posts.

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