Ethics…is one of the most important ingredient that is must for every sales person. But many a times ethics takes the back seat and we tend to follow unethical practices, the reason being failure of commitment and focus in our day to day routine.

Unethical practices are very lucrative but the reward are only short term. Most of us indulge in it when we feel the heat of pressure due to non achievements of our targets. But the question who is to be blamed for that?? your organisation, your manager or you. Lets be frank and take a blame on ourselves, it is human nature to work only under pressure and many a times we take a shortcut to reach the goal. Hence UNETHICAL SALES . Overselling or miss-selling your product/services is the result of the same.

Overselling- Promising more than what your product/service can offer.

Miss-selling- Selling without properly understanding the customers requirement. 

You might have had achieved your respective quarter target but what after that?? This success is only short lived and might have damaged your company reputation by now. And because of your unethical practices, other sales guys in your organisation might be suffering to sell. Reason your organisation might be STEREOTYPED as FRAUD Or CHEAT. And yes credit goes to you Congratulations!!!

Following ethical ways will surely be little frustrating in the beginning as the rewards and recognition may come at its own pace but trust me it won’t be short lived. In the long run you will see yourself growing along with the sales graph of the company. This would surely boost your confidence and motivation level.

If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization

Robert Noyce, inventor of the silicon chip

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  1. Sushma says:

    very important topic well put. Shall email to you on this again. Please reply for confirming your mail id.

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