Be A Motivated Sales Professional


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Motivation does not come to us by reading motivational books, listening to motivational speeches and watching motivational stuff. Yes these things would help us for a shorter period of time and than we again to the square one. Most of us would listen to some motivational stuff that too when someone recommends us, at that point of time we would feel as if we are going to achieve our sales target just in a month, just because the person whom we listened to or the book that we read made us feel like that through his convincing skills. This would keep you motivated may be for a week or at the max for a month. But what after that!!!

Motivation is all in the mind. To be a motivated Sales Professional you should:

1) Love your profession.

2) Love your product/service you selling.

3) You Should have go-getter attitude. (in an ethical way)

4) You should be able to balance your professional and personal life. This would help you in getting that mental peace which would help you focus on your targets.

5) You should reward yourself whenever you achieve something. Go for a couple of Beers with friend/family.

6) Have that hunger to achieve success.

No one can motivate you the way you can motivate yourself. Trust me NO ONE!!! Sales is all about your motivational level and I agree you cannot have that motivation of equal strength on each and every day. But that does not mean if on a particular day you do not feel motivated, everything is gone down the drain. May be you can spend that day not doing the hard core sales activities but can engage yourself in the activities that will help you once you in the field. You can:

1) Read more about your product and have a better hand over it.

2) Try reading about your competitors. Do the SWOT analysis. See where you stand among your competitor.

3) Work on your sales pitch.

4) Interact with your sales team, you might learn few things from their experiences.

This would help you to get ready for coming days and will keep your motivational level up.

Learn from your mistakes and do not get demotivated if you are not able to crack a particular sale. At the end of the every sales call, try analyzing it, where you went wrong, what were your strong points, which particular query you were not able to handle. All this would help you in getting ready for your next Sales Call and will help you improve in a better way.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
― Jordan Belfort

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