How Important Is Follow up?


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One of the most important mistake that we all do is we Do Not Follow Up With The Client.

It is with most of us that once we have made a call to our customer or we have met him/her, and customer tells us that “I need a week time to think or Please call me later” our job is done there. We will fill in our sales report stating customer has told to call later.But What After that??

How many of us do really contact him/her after a week or will call him/her at the time mentioned by the client. Only 10-15% of sales professional really do that. rest of us will call the client once we look at our sales report at our convenient time and that time we realize that we had to call the customer. And once we make a call either the sale would have had happened with some other vendor or client will again give you some other day and time to call.

Its the follow up where the sales professional will make an exception. It also shows your interest level toward the client and your business. Customer will never wait for your call, he/she had 100 more vendors selling the same product/service which you are offering, so it is your duty to follow up with the client and take the sales cycle to next level.

Few things to remember:

1) First thing in the morning when you land up at your desk, have a look at your sales report and make a note of the time when a client has told you to call.

2) Update your sales report regularly after speaking to your customer.

3) Your sales report should be self explanatory, i.e just by having a quick look you should be able to make out at what stage are you in with the customer.

4)  In case if you forget to call the customer at a time mentioned by him/her(Please do not ever forget), apologies and ask whether it is a right time to talk or take some other convenient time for him to talk, just do not start as soon as he takes your call.

Follow up is the key to success  for sales guys and it is here where you can make the difference with the client. It shows professionalism and your commitment towards your work.

It is not your customers duty to remember you. It is your duty not to let him forget you.

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