Don’t Sell A Product, Satisfy the Need


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How would you react if you need a basic FM radio and the sales person is continuously pitching for a stereo system with advanced features? I would definitely get mad on him/her or will simply leave the store.

The point here is not selling a stereo system or FM radio, but understanding the customer requirements and need. It is always suggested to understand your customer’s need properly before pitching about the product. Try understanding the customer’s pain area and then try to solve the problem by positioning your product accordingly.

Yes you can pitch a customer needing a FM radio, a stereo system. But you have to start with the benefits and features of FM in that stereo system, rather than pitching about its advanced features, which customer is not even looking for. To be honest as a sales person you would want your customer to buy an expensive stereo system rather than just a radio, because this will help you achieve your targets. But in order to do that, you should not pitch any product without even any relevance to the customer’s need. This would result in losing a customer and you would not even get a small sale from that customer. So that depends on your selling and convincing skills to convince a customer for a stereo system after you have met his need for a FM radio integrated in that system.

Few things to remember:

1) Listen to your customers carefully, before offering any solution.

2) Probe them so that they are able to tell their pain area or the problem for which they have approached you.

3) After listening to their requirement, analyze the pain area and then provide them with a solution/product

4) Try to understand if they have any budget constraint

5) Once all the above points are clear in your mind, now position the product which you think will satisfy the customer’s need.

6) You can always use your convincing skills to pitch in a slightly advanced product; provided it meets the requirement as told by the customer and you are able to fit it into their need.

Selling by relevance will always help you to build a reputation with your customer as he/she would always remember that you took a relevant time to understand their need before offering any solution to them. This would help you generate repetitive sale rather than no sale.

This hold good even for corporate sales where your consultative sales would have had helped the customer run their business efficiently and he would always respect you and would get you more business.

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2 Responses to Don’t Sell A Product, Satisfy the Need

  1. Sushma says:

    This time I am left with no comments!!! Well written with good compilation of all points. Enjoyed this one.

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