Is Every Customer Same??


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How would you feel if you enter a Hair Salon and the hair dresser there gives you a haircut without even listening to your style requirements? Firstly whether would you even accept that? Secondly would you even consider going to the same saloon again? The answer to all the questions is but obvious NO!

Most of us tend to do this mistake and the biggest reason for us to do this is lack of research that we do for a particular customer. We do not want to put in an extra effort to understand what the customer is exactly looking for rather than we just try to sell what we have been selling for long. This is when you lose your customer and blame your company for not having up-to the mark product/service. But the question here is “Did you even listen to the customer requirements properly before giving him/her a solution?” The answer again is NO! We all want to take an easy road where we can close the deal without even putting an extra effort.

It is not that you don’t have that solution which customer is looking for. Please understand you got a chance to meet the customer because he has evaluated you before coming to you for a solution or initially when you started pitching your product/service it made him believe that you can provide him with the kind of solution he is looking for. As a sales professional it is very important for you to listen to your customer’s requirement patiently and understand it, before providing the solution. Once you have understood the requirements, than accordingly position your product keeping in mind your customer’s requirements and focusing much on the areas which he/she is looking for. It is very much possible that these points you might not have even used in your past sales but this sales require you to highlight those specific points,and why not would you do that when your product/service has everything the customer is looking for. Therefor do not blame your product/service, as a sales professional you have to put in an effort to understand the customer’s problems and accordingly customize your solution.

Treat every customer a different customer,than only you can make a difference and it will help closing the sale more easily than your counterparts. Treat every sales call as a new challenge and trust me you will succeed in your sales career.

Few Points to remember:

1) Accept that all the customers are not same.

2) Focus on individual customer value.

3) Customize your offering to each customer.

4) Inculcate the habit of listening to your customer before jumping to the conclusion.

5) An extra degree of effort can be the difference between success and failure.

6) Most importantly believe in your product/service.

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Vincent T. Lombardi

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