Are Sales People Honest Enough To Themselves?


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Do sales people lie to themselves? The answer to this question is certainly yes. Around 80% of the sales people lie to themselves which affects their sales performance and restrict them from succeeding in their career, which results in frustration and hatred towards their career. 

Many of you might not agree with me on this  but I suggest probably we do lie to ourselves.

Here are few lies or excuses which sales people make:

#1 I could not sell because of price : This is the most dangerous lie which sales people tell themselves. The reason being the price is always the major factor based on which the customer makes the decision. It is not that your company did not do the market research before setting a particular price. Very few companies set their price higher than the existing market trend.

If you say that you lost on price than probably you were not able to show the value and benefits that your product is providing. You failed to show that difference between your and competitor product. Most of the customers are willing to pay the price provided they get additional benefits. So it is an extra effort that you have to put to position your product accordingly which most of us failed to do.

#2 Market is saturated : Is market really saturated or you have not approached enough number of customers? If market is saturated how competition is still selling, do they have a magic stick to create more customers for their product? Stop making judgments based on your meeting with few clients. Do not generalize it that if few customers are not buying, the entire market is saturated. As I always say try approaching as many clients as possible, do not restrict yourself. The bigger your sales funnel is the better is the chance of closures.

#3 Competition is offering better price: There will always be few competitors who will be selling at a price lower than the market trend but also understand this is here where you have to show the differentiation between your and competitor’s product, this is where you have to display your sales skills. Also believe me there will be only few competitor who will be selling at a lower price but majority of them will be competitively priced.

#4 This sale is a done deal and I can count it as closed: Please understand that if a particular customer has agreed to meet you and he liked the way you presented your company and its offerings, and has shown some positive signs, that does not mean he will buy from you. He might have had 100 more sales guys who had visited him. I am not disappointing you, you might have been better than 99 but what about that particular 1 who had made the difference like you had. So till the time the agreement is not signed there is no deal which is closed deal. This is the bitter truth which you have to digest.

#5 Territory assigned to me is too big (small): With the growing competitions companies are trying to get more and more from a particular territory with less sales force, the simple mathematics being the cost. So there is no point cribbing about your territory, on the contrary spend quality time recognizing present potential customers and future potential customers. This will help you in planning your sales activity properly rather than wasting time meeting less profitable customers. You have to know your territory inside out.

#6 Product is not up to the mark: Are you really sure about this? How many competitors product have you evaluated? If your company is surviving that means the product is up to the market standard but it is failure on your part to position it properly. So it is advised to put your energies in finding the right prospects rather than giving excuses.

#7 I do not need to practice for my presentation & my sales pitch is perfect: Often we tend to make this mistake of not preparing for the presentation before meeting, the reason being we consider all our clients are same. You can refer my last post for details on this (

#8 I do not need to make cold calls my pipeline is enough: How long will your pipeline last? Your pipeline is a result of cold calls that you had made initially. So as sales professional it is your duty to grow your sales pipeline continuously. No pipeline will last long without adding more to it. 

#9 Economy: I have recently noticed many sales people complaining about the current economy for not able to achieve their targets. If your competitors are getting the numbers why is economy only hampering our sales. 

Avoid telling yourself these sales lies because they limit your ability to increase your sales and fully achieving what you are capable of accomplishing.


“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
― George Washington


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4 Responses to Are Sales People Honest Enough To Themselves?

  1. So well written and so true.

  2. nice…but sometimes the mentioned reasons will hold correct:)

  3. Ekta Khetan says:

    Interesting…however I feel they lie majorly to sell their products by hook or by crook…few of them are really nice but yeah very few…

    • salesgayan says:

      Yes Ekta they do lie to sell their product to customers but they also lie to themselves or I can say they keep giving excuses for not able to achieve sales targets

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