Successful Sales People and Their Traits!


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Sales is not just about selling. It requires numerous traits to be successful. These traits are required irrespective of whether you sell product, service or your ideas. Make it a point to have these skill or else learn to develop them. Based on my experiences and observations highly successful sales people have following traits:

1) Effective Communication Skills: It is the most important trait that every sales person should have. I must say its a prerequisite to be in sales. By effective communication I mean that a person should be able to convey the message clearly and effectively. It not only involve how we speak but more importantly our listening skills.

2) Develop Sales Strategy: You cannot just randomly start selling. You should have a proper sales plan, as you cannot hit the target you cannot see similarly you cannot start approaching customer without have an effective strategy. It is advised to draft you sales plan/goals before acting on it. This will give you the step wise step directions to fulfill your goals and excel in your career.

3) Know Your Target Segment: Even before you enter the market to sell your products/services. Understand your target market segment because if you do not have a clarity on your segment no point jumping into the market as it will not fetch you anything. As this will help you position your product and draft you sales plan accordingly.

4) Passionate: Successful sales person is one who believes in himself and have a deep belief in what they sell.If you don’t believe in the product that you sell than you cannot sell.

5)  Product Knowledge:  In all my posts I always stress on the importance of product knowledge. It is always necessary to have a proper knowledge about your product. This will not only help you win more sales but will also help you have an edge over the competitors.You can refer my last post for details on this (

6) Don’t Sell a product Satisfy the Need: Successful sales people do not sell a product they try to satisfy need. It is always suggested to understand your customer’s need properly before pitching about the product. Try understanding the customer’s pain area and then try to solve the problem by positioning your product accordingly.You can refer my post ( for details.

7) Handling A Call:  Successful prospectors understand that the purpose of a call is to set an appointment with a qualified candidate.  Stop seeing anyone who will see you. Make sure the prospect qualifies to do business with you.  Stop selling on the phone.The quality of the phone call determines the quality of the appointment.  Your goal is to identify on the phone if your  prospect has a problem that you can solve.

8) Follow Up: For you to be a successful sales person develop the habit of following up with your customer.It is not your customers duty to remember you. It is your duty not to let him forget you. You Can refer my post ( for details.

Master these eight skills and you are well on your way to enjoying a successful sales career.

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

― William Faulkner

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