Why You Do Not Get Response To Your Emails ?


Most of us get frustrated when we email to our prospect and we do not get any reply from their end. Have you ever wondered why? Every sales professional at one point in time must have experienced this scenario. You have talked to your prospect on the phone and he/she tells you to send an email about your company profile and you never get a reply to your email. You again call them for a follow up and you get to know that he/she never got your email. Is email really not delivered or he/she just did not care to notice?

Did you ever try to analyse, why is this happening and why your emails are getting unnoticed? You will not be the only one who will be emailing your prospect, there will be many other emails, might be from your competitor he/she gets in a day.

Reason why your emails are getting unnoticed:

-Wrong email id of your client

-Emails landing in the spam

-Your Subject line

-Your style of writing is putting people off

– Sending the wrong attachment

Email plays an important role during the entire sales cycle but if your emails are getting unnoticed during the initial stage than its an alarming situation and you are making way for your competitors.

Sales People should keep following things in mind before writing an email to their prospects:

1) Cross Check email address: Most of us do this common mistake of not cross checking the email id of our prospect. When on the phone he/she tells you his/her email id, make it a point to cross check by spelling out his/her email id. Not only this, when you have written an email and you are about to send it to your prospect, once again check his/her email id to make sure that their is no spelling mistake and its correct.

2) Use the prospect’s first name while addressing him: Always make it a point to address the prospect using his first name as this would make him feel that a particular email is intended for him and is not any random marketing email blast. This will also help in not landing your email to his/her spam folder.

3) Customize your email: As a sales person we are in habit of cut, copy and pasting same email to all our prospects. We tend to ignore email which is not specific to our need/interest. So how do you expect your prospect to read an email which is being used for everyone. Customize first few lines of email, many people preview their emails by reading the first few sentences in their email program before deciding to read the whole thing, so concentrate on writing a short and value laden opening that is addressed right to them.

4) Keep your email short: Imagine what will you do when you get a long email, either you save it for later or you just ignore by reading first few lines. So, how do you expect your prospects to read your lengthy emails and respond to them? Hence it is desirable to write short emails and use email as tool to get appointment for meeting during the initial stage of sales cycle.

5) Include your signature with company name: This will help prospect to recall you and your company once he/she reads your email.

6) Last but not least make sure to proof read your email before you hit the send key.

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