StartupSpeaks Launches Communication Solutions Tailored Exclusively for Start-ups & Small Businesses


When I founded my first startup, amongst other challenges, I struggled in marketing it along the right channels and making it visible to my desired audience. The reasons were manifold but primary among them was lack of required bandwidth and shortage of funds. Many startups, most with really good offerings die within 6 months of their incorporation because their lack of momentum in gaining visibility in their particular industry sounds the death knell for their dreams.

StartupSpeaks was born out of the idea of providing startups a dynamic and yet cost effective platform where to market and promote themselves. The platform was envisioned to be independent of the industry in which the startup wishes to operates and hence be beneficial to startups from a variety of industry verticals. The first step in this direction was a “Twitter Interview” which got a wonderful response from the startups. The Twitter interview not only provide them with the desired visibility on twitter but also by using different hashtags helps them in mapping their respective industry and market segment. The format of this social media platform keeps the conversation between the startup and us very crisp and to the point. This interview as of now is a free service being provided to any startup from any part of the world.

My experience within the startup ecosystem for more than 3 years now, lets me state confidently that startups are hungry to maximize value delivered out of any investment being made towards marketing and promotional efforts. In that, they do so with greater abandon than most established brands. Understanding this nature and delivering consistently is what makes us confident of working with startups and matching their aspirations. Here we have the advantage of utilizing our expertise and come up with the package which can guarantee them some visibility without hurting them much on their budgets. Most entrepreneurs have grandiose dreams for their startups and we’d like them to devote as much of their time towards refining and developing their products/services better while we use our expertise to get them the desired visibility and brand recall in the minds of their consumers.

The plan is to enable startups to choose a tailor made communications solution which they feels benefits them the most. This can be a mix and match of services and time duration for which they would like to avail of these services. The aim is to offer them a balanced mix of deliverables, the impact of which can be measured and further built upon. 

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