Be a Disciplined Start-Up Entrepreneur



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Discipline is taught to us from the childhood days. Be it discipline at home, discipline at school, discipline when you visit your relatives etc. we all grow up learning disciplines. But unfortunately as we grow up we become more in-disciplined and hence most of us face problems at home or at work or may be health issues, work-life balance etc. Have you ever thought why is this happening to us? What is the reason behind it? Why I am not able to perform at work place? Why am I stressed and think of work even when I am at home? Why my business is not growing? 

The answer to all the above question is “In-Discipline”. Starting a new venture is really easy but growing it and sustaining is the key. And most of the start-ups fail within six months of their operation. Most of us feel that now since we have started the company, its time for us to take a back seat and let my employees work for me.” I will only take “Strategic Level Decisions””. 

Following are the few points which Start-Up Entrepreneur should keep in mind:

1) Have a Routine: Most of us don’t really follow a routine after starting up our own venture. But I strongly recommend you should follow the routine as you were doing when you worked for someone else. This will not only make a strong impact on your employees but will also ensure work discipline in them. This way they will know that they can contact you when they are stuck somewhere and will reflect your seriousness towards business. You can hire the best of the resources for your company but if you are not disciplined at  work, so will be your employees. And if you’re working from home, set up a separate room in your house that’s exclusively used for work.

2) Plan your Day: It is always good to structure your day. If you are one of those who are more productive in evenings than keep most of your important business meetings during evening hours. And first half of the day you can spend with your employees. In the start-up scenario it is always better to spend more time with your employees as they will feel your involvement in the business and this will keep them motivated.Managing your own business involves juggling lots of different tasks and different clients. So plan you day in a way that you are able to finish all the important activities of the day including spending time with your employees, taking stock of their activity for the day.

3) Keep Targets For Yourself: If you can have targets for your employees, why cant you have targets for yourself. Set targets for the day, week and month. For start-ups even a day target matters. You should be very particular in achieving your targets. Make sure your employees are able to achieve their targets and to achieve that you should set your own targets and share it with team. This way your team will also feel the urgency of achieving their targets. 

4) Spend Time with Your Family: It’s also important to regularly meet friends and family, exercise or do something just for you, or you’ll end up stressed and unhappy.While work-life balance is very important, and although you tend to spend more time on your business than other aspects of your life, it’s very important to find some balance. 

5) Accept Failures: You cannot always be 100% successful. It is very important to accept failures and learn from them. Most of the people are not able to cope up with the failure and hence their down fall starts, instead of learning from it, they tend to repeat them as they cannot face failures.Ask for help, you should always ask for help from your friend, family and even your employees. May be you might be missing on some point. Fear of failure is commonly behind procrastination. 

You have the ability to build a successful business. Thousands of people have done it who have no more ability than you do. To succeed, they simply learned the necessary behaviors to make their dreams a reality, and consistently took action to reach their goals. You can do the same.

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