Announcing one of the most Comprehensive Sales Training Program in India

SalesGayan in Collaboration with Consultative Sales Academy (USA) launches one of the most comprehensive sales training programs in India


Consultative Sales Academy is committed to providing timely and relevant training and development programs that enhance your business needs.
To support your business development needs, we are pleased to offer our:
Consultative Sales Certification Training Program
Our Consultative Sales Academy-Consultative Sales Certification Program (CSA-CSC) is a comprehensive sales performance development program that:
• Is proven to increase sales and service performance
• Develops measurable sales competence by enhancing consultative sales behaviors
and performance
• Elevates the credibility of the sales profession through demonstrated capability
• Provides bottom line business results for your company
Sales professionals who know and apply consultative selling skills:
• Earn 33% more than their average counterparts
• Sell 3-4 times more
• Build loyalty and trust on a consistent basis with their internal and external clients
What Is It?
The Consultative Sales Certification Training Program provides standards of measurement based on eight core consultative sales competencies.
Those seeking CSA-CSC certification will participate in assessment of their sales skills, blended live &e-learning, coaching and demonstrated sales performance.

This program is not a single training program, but a comprehensive approach to sales skills development, integrity, demonstrated capability and sustained performance.

For any further queries please feel free to contact:


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